Bob McDonald

Bob McDonald, CEO

“I understand how difficult it is these days to get a job. There is so much competition for practically every position, and it doesn’t help that recruiters are now using bots to filter through your CV before it even reaches the hands of a real life person.”

“We’re a UK team with years of expertise in designing, writing, proofreading and creating successful CVs for winning job candidates. We want to do away with that existential Monday morning dread and help you find a job that you’ll love going to every single day.”

“That means optimising every part of the application process, from writing you the perfect CV through to drafting you the perfect cover letter and training you to sit the perfect interview.”

“I want you to know that you CAN achieve your career goals – it’s only a matter of finding the right path. Thank you for trusting us with your journey. Together, we can do it.”